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Below is a list of the umbraco.library functions that are exposed to XSLT.

Usage: umbraco.library:function(params)

setSession(string key,string value)
NiceUrl(int nodeID)
NiceUrlFullPath(int nodeID)
GetItem(int nodeID, String alias)
GetCurrentDomains(int NodeId) - not usable in XSLT.
GetCurrentDomain(int NodeId)
GetItem(String alias)
GetPropertyTypeName(string ContentTypeAlias, string PropertyTypeAlias) 
GetMemberName(int MemberId)
GetMedia(int MediaId, bool Deep)
GetMember(int MemberId)
IsProtected(int DocumentId, string Path)
HasAccess(int NodeId, string Path)
DateGreaterThan(string firstDate, string secondDate)
DateGreaterThanOrEqual(string firstDate, string secondDate)
DateGreaterThanToday(string firstDate)
DateGreaterThanOrEqualToday(string firstDate)
DateAdd(string Date, string AddType, int add)
GetWeekDay(string Date)
DateAdd(System.DateTime Date, string AddType, int add)
DateDiff(string firstDate, string secondDate, string diffType)
DateDiff(System.DateTime firstDate, System.DateTime secondDate, string diffType)
FormatDateTime(string Date, string Format)
LongDate(string Date, bool WithTime, string TimeSplitter)
LongDateWithDayName(string Date, string DaySplitter, bool WithTime, string TimeSplitter, string GlobalAlias)
LongDate(string Date)
ShortDate(string Date)
ShortDateWithGlobal(string Date, string GlobalAlias)
ShortDateWithTimeAndGlobal(string Date, string GlobalAlias)
ShortTime(string Date)
ShortDate(string Date, bool WithTime, string TimeSplitter)
ReplaceLineBreaks(string text)
RenderMacroContent(string Text, int PageId)
RenderTemplate(int PageId, int TemplateId)
RenderTemplate(int PageId)
StripHtml(string text)
TruncateString(string Text, int MaxLength, string AddString)
Split(string StringToSplit, string Separator)
RemoveFirstParagraphTag(string text)
Replace(string text, string oldValue, string newValue)
LastIndexOf(string Text, string Value)
GetPreValues(int DataTypeId)
GetPreValueAsString(int Id)
GetDictionaryItems(string Key)
GetDictionaryItem(string Key)
GetXmlNodeById(string id)
GetXmlNodeByXPath(string xpathQuery)
GetXmlDocument(string Path, bool Relative)
GetXmlDocumentByUrl(string Url)
QueryForNode(string id)
GetNodeFromLevel(string path, int level)
SendMail(string FromMail, string ToMail, string Subject, string Body, bool IsHtml) 
GetRandom(int seed) - not usable in XSLT.
GetRandom() - not usable in XSLT.
Request(string key)
RequestForm(string key)
RequestQueryString(string key)
RequestCookies(string key)
RequestServerVariables(string key)
Session(string key)
GetRelatedNodes(int NodeId) - not usable in XSLT.
GetRelatedNodesAsXml(int NodeId)
PageElement(string key)
Tidy(string StringToTidy, bool LiveEditing)
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