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I am trying to raise funds to make it to CodeGarden'10 in Copenhagen. The trip will cost me in excess of US$2500. Well, to be honest, that number is not the full amount, it is just about 2/3 of the overall price.

Flights from my location to CPH are at minimum US$1250. Checking last night, there are very few of these flights, and the next price point is US$1700+.

After flights, the cost of the conference is going to be around US$750. I may be able to request a discount here, but that is at the discretion of Umbraco I/S.

Then we have hotels. Hotels have various price ranges, typically starting at US$100 and increasing fast. The cheapest flights require I stay 6 nights, thus that is at least US$600 more.

Then we have basic expenses of food, transportation, etc. Those tend to add up to around US$300 for that amount of time.

So, as you can see, in a best case scenario, it will cost me about US$2900, but in reality, it will likely run closer to $3500 for the trip.

If I can raise at least $2500, I should be able to swing the remainder. So, I appeal to the umbraco community, to friends, family, and colleagues. Help me make the trip yet again.

I have set up a campaign at The Point to accept donations. Donations will not be taken until the amount is achieved. If you have any issues, you are welcome to donate via Paypal, and I will add that amount into The Point or refund it if I don't receive enough to make the trip.

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